AAM Consulting Bulgaria

We are dedicated to help our clients succeed in what they are doing by offering innovative and contemporary solutions.

With over 11 years of experience in the fields of IT consulting, IT Security, Project Management and Systems Implementation we managed to gain a lot of knowledge and the ways to apply it effectively, depending on the needs of our clients.

We have created a unique approach for analyzing, modeling and evaluating the problems the customer may face with a very high precision, which does not exist anywhere else. The success of this unique approach requires a rare combination of our experts’ knowledge in multiple disciplines.

We have the strength and scale to engage in truly strategic partnerships with our customers, ensuring deep understanding of their struggles and areas for improvement. This expertise, along with our proprietary technology and proactive talent, enable us to share superior insights and provide state-of-the-art solutions.

Meet the team

Our team of international experts in AAM Bulgaria consists of six consultants that aspire to deliver great quality projects, innovation and transformation. We help our clients solve their most complex issues by maintaining a close and long-term relationship with them in order to better understand their needs.

The idea that you need to truly enjoy what you do in order to deliver great results is the foundation of our team spirit. We believe that we have the right mix of skills, knowledge, expertise, personalities and backgrounds in order to deliver the expected high quality work to our clients. We continuously research new solutions and thanks to our efficient business strategy, we can utilize expert resources within the AAM Consulting according to all your needs and preferences.

AAM Consulting

Our parent company, AAM Consulting, was founded in 1994 in Hungary. Regional expansion started in the 2000s through the implementation of international consultancy projects in the CEE and SEE regions. In 2010, the Bulgarian subsidiary was established, it’s function being to provide management of business and IT related developments starting from problem identification and ending with the implementation of solutions in the country. Over the past 2 decades, AAM Consulting has become one of the most successful consulting firms in the region.

Our clientele includes central and regional government agencies, public administration, as well as key players in banking, insurance, telecommunication, transport, public utilities and the energy sectors.

We are active and successful in managing international donor funded projects of different scales in Europe, Africa, America, the Caucasus and Central Asia. These projects are mainly funded by international donor institutions such as the EU, the World Bank or UNICEF, and aim for development and improvement of public administration, and establishing efficient, transparent and rational organizational operation. The International Business Unit (IBU) of AAM located at the headquarters in Budapest, Hungary implements these projects. Their success is guaranteed by the professional experience and strategic thinking of our colleagues, as well as the broad, reliable industry expertise and knowledge of our freelance experts. All these qualities guarantee our ability to create genuine value for project beneficiaries all around the world. We normally act as consortium leader and work together with leading institutions of the subject matter, which join us as consortium members or capacity providers.

Since its foundation, AAM Consulting has followed international methodologies and best practices in service provision and internal operations. Our quality management system is established according to the ISO 9001 standard (which is part of the ISO 9000 family) and has been certified since 1996, updating to the ISO 9001:2015 standard in 2017. The ISO 9001:2015 standard sets the requirements of a quality management system, and it helps ensure that clients get consistent, high quality services.

As information security is becoming more important by the day, we strive to stay ahead of the curve, so that we are able to give our client companies a feeling of safety, backed up with strict adherence to best practices and usage of state-of-the-art technologies. To build up on this, information security system is compliant with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard, which further testifies to AAM Consulting’s high service quality related to IT security.